Friday, December 13, 2013

Thank God for the Holy Spirit

Beyonce dropped an album last night, w/o warning or publicity.  Today i find myself comparing every part of my life to this woman. She is Beyoutiful, amazingly talented, and has a body of a  goddess. and here i stand pretty (but not Beyoutiful), smart (but not super talented), and a body i'd trade with her in a minute.

i mean i really got worked up. i'd allowed myself to get wrapped up in this person. Some1 i don't know, and will probably never meet. i mean i began questioning everything i'd done/not done. looked up cosmetic surgeons. researched PR firms in NYC. Was on the edge of tears thinking my God i'm not as pretty or talented as this woman. my grown 29 yo self felt like a 15year old teenager.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit. i was reminded that i was made in the image of God. Knitted together just the way He wanted me. Designed fulfill His purpose for my life, like only i can do. That i was created to mimic after the person hood of Christ. That Christ is the perfect example, and i am called to follow Him.  That operating outside of the will of God is asking for detriment. That pursuing a life outside of Christ is damnation.  That only what is done for Christ will last. That all of this is temporary. That one day Beyonce will be all but forgotten, and as popular, as she is, that its all temporary vanity. 

whew, i almost lost it