Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My brain on hormones

*on pinterest* Oh that place is beautiful i need to go there ——> but i don’t want to go there alone ———> but i probably will, i mean i’m damn near 30 and single and some places you don’t want to go with girlfriends———> plus they’re all married / engaged anyway ———> which is really mind boggling. they got chose & i didn’t—————> *deep sigh* *throat gets tight*—> *eyes water* ——-> all of my exes are married, WITH KIDS ————-> *blinks back tears* ———-> maybe there is something wrong with me——-> *picks up pen writes down flaws*———> oh God at this rate i’ll never…don’t say it ———-> *flips page over writes down accomplishments*———> who gives a $h*t degrees can’t cuddle———>*begins searching for PhD programs*———> damn these people look smart—————-> but i’m smart too——-> a smart @$$ at times, but smart nonetheless——-> *remembers someone saying* guys don’t like smart girls——-> but guys like girls with nice bodies ———> *does 25 crunches*———-> *checks facebook writes a fake congratulations on an engagement, wedding, baby or job promotion* ———> my life sucks huge b@ll$————> *throat gets tight and water works start*————>WHY?????? ————-> *some inspirtional/religious quote gets read*———> *dries eyes* ———> its just not your time right now, it doesn’t mean never. I should go on a trip——-> searches pinterest for places for singles to travel
*It’s only been 5 minutes*
This is probably one of the most honest things i’ve written. I’m kind of embarassed, but its the truth.

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