Friday, October 11, 2013

Money Matter$

Money is important to me.

 it is important to me because i did not grow up having much of it, and understand how big a difference just $5 more dollars can make.

i remember waiting with my mom in the food stamp office,
                                                       living in section 8 housing,
    eating free/reduced lunches at school,
                                                                               and getting Christmas gifts from a local fire department.

i remember my mom telling me that she would go to the movies alone, just so she could cry, by herself in the dark.  i remember getting clothes from thrift $tores, not because it was trendy, but because that's what we could afford.
i remember i swore that when i got older i would never buy powdered milk, now i just don't drink milk at all.                       i remember thinking 'my mom is super cre8ive' not knowing it was because she had to be.

i'd promised myself that when i got older, i would not live like this. That if i had kids they would never hear me say, 'well baby i'm proud of you, but i don't think we can afford that'.

yes $ is important to me, and i will not apologize.

                                                   i've not asked to be a millionaire. i didn't want  the newest car, or the most expensive clothes. i wanted to not worry about not getting sick because i didn't have insurance, or being able to pay rent, or choosing which bill was more important to pay.                          Or buying my siblings the gifts they wanted because i knew mom couldn't afford the new PS2, and dangit they have it hard enough, and should have new nice stuff.

Yes, there is someone in some country, that has it so much harder than i do, and my needs aren't comparable to theirs. And i understand that, and try to do my part to consider others. i take 2 angels from the angel tree every year, and buy clothes for a kid who is the same situation i was in for the new school year, and i have a beautiful 5 year old little girl i sponsor every month.  i get it.


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