Thursday, July 11, 2013

Grown Up

So I’ve received my first installments of loan repayments. Yes, plural, 3 loan bills came in the mail. Now usually I would go into panic mode, but you know what…why. I owe up of 70k in student loans, and though that’s a lot of money, I created this debt and I intend on paying it back. Yes, some of the money used unwisely, but some of it was used to help my family, fund 2 degrees, and was helpful in emergency situations. All in all, were all my years of school and the experiences that came with it worth 70K? Yes, hell yes. I have 2 degrees, a lifetime of memories, great friends, and experiences that have shaped who I am today. With that said today begins my journey to get out of debt. I have already made steps to decrease my expenses, and after seeing the reality of my debt situation, I must take even more drastic steps to get rid of this debt. I read that this guy paid back 90K+ in student loans in 3 years. His salary was six figures, but if I buckle down, I’d like to see my student loans gone in the same amount of time. I plan to meet with a financial advisor, or someone who is well versed on repayment options. This is an area that I cannot fault on. This is not weight loss, it debt freedom, and I want to be free from this by the time I’m 33. So here it goes

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