Thursday, August 2, 2012

forward movement

so i've been @ DoS for about 6 weeks now. things have not become easier or clearer. The left hand seems not to know what the right hand is doing, and even when i complete a task, i'm only given partial information, and find myself feeling continuously lost. i feel incompetent, not because i'm not capable of doing the work, but i'm working with a group of people that seem to either:
1. don't want to be here
2. have a narrow view of the work being done
3. aren't open to change
4. in it for themselves
5. just don't care

This all leaves an intern in a very uncomfortable, and frustrating situation.  For example: I was given a task, and my directions were hand written on a sticky note, one sticky. The person that was to assist me with this task, received complete instructions via email, i was never cc'd on the email.  When called upon this person never shared their information with me. What's worse is that when i'd asked for more instruction she acted as if she never understood what was going.  i just read the email today, there is no way this person could not have understood the instructions given to her.  The end result is now students who have been waiting for this paperwork to clear, are now delayed in starting their program.

guess who looks incompetent, ME. This is just one scenario, of the day-2-day foolishness, i deal with. The systems in place are not efficient, and far from sustainable, but when change is offered the response "that's not how we used to do it" is given. Of course that's not how you formerly did things, most of you had no concept of a computer, much less the internet, and look how much more we are capable of accomplishing now. if people continued to do things the way "it used to be done" i'd been chained up somewhere, or worse.

Change is good.  It's not always easy, but if you're not moving forward, you will become stagnant, and eventually obsolete.

i have 4 more weeks, and though i'm grateful for this experience, i'm forced to ask myself, "self, is this what you want to do, for the next _ years?"  lately the answer has been no.  There are programs that i would love the opportunity to work with, but will this 10 week experience, change my interest.

"stagnation leads to degradation"

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