Friday, July 6, 2012

pick'n up where i left off

i made it thru the next week, but forgot to share some things from last weekend.
i had the prviledge of helping an older Ethiopian woman to her final destination via the Metro. idk who her son is but he's awful who let's their 65+ mother, who doesn't speak English, take a trip from DC to Virginia alone. 
Well this week i enjoyed the 4th of July at our Nations Capitol!!!! i walked with a roomie to the capitol concert then watched fire works! it was amazing i'll post pics.

Work has been challenging, but really great! i've been enjoying the city, after work, i pic a random place to go, hop on the bus/metro and enjoy the ride. Today, i went to Amsterdam Falafel shop in Adams Morgan district. i also went to sweet themed bakery, i bought one pretty in pink cupcake and one sweet potato cupcake. i then wandered in to a little boutique called violet boutique. the boutique was celebrating  its 1yr. birthday, the satff was really helpful and nice. i bought two shirts.

i rode the bus, with no true direction, and ended up at the Washington National Cathedral, and after taking in the scenery, i hopped back on the bus and enjoyed the 50 minute ride back home.

This weekend I want to explore U Street area, go to Ben's Chili bowl, Cake love, Howard University, and whatever places draw me in!!!!

i'll post picutres soon!!!

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  1. How did you help the Ethiopian lady? Could you understand her?


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