Wednesday, July 25, 2012

so much has been going on, my emotions have been everywhere. i've been trying to meditate on John 15 trying to understand the true definition of abiding in Christ.

Friday, July 13, 2012

today is Friday the 13th on 7/13, and i am in my feelings today.  its me, but if you were new to an organziation, and no one knew you, adn you were the only person of color, wouldn't it have been nice to talk to the intern?????? i tried to make conversation, but was ignored several times.

i JUST WANT TO GO HOME! i'm really in my feelings right now :(

Friday, July 6, 2012

pick'n up where i left off

i made it thru the next week, but forgot to share some things from last weekend.
i had the prviledge of helping an older Ethiopian woman to her final destination via the Metro. idk who her son is but he's awful who let's their 65+ mother, who doesn't speak English, take a trip from DC to Virginia alone. 
Well this week i enjoyed the 4th of July at our Nations Capitol!!!! i walked with a roomie to the capitol concert then watched fire works! it was amazing i'll post pics.

Work has been challenging, but really great! i've been enjoying the city, after work, i pic a random place to go, hop on the bus/metro and enjoy the ride. Today, i went to Amsterdam Falafel shop in Adams Morgan district. i also went to sweet themed bakery, i bought one pretty in pink cupcake and one sweet potato cupcake. i then wandered in to a little boutique called violet boutique. the boutique was celebrating  its 1yr. birthday, the satff was really helpful and nice. i bought two shirts.

i rode the bus, with no true direction, and ended up at the Washington National Cathedral, and after taking in the scenery, i hopped back on the bus and enjoyed the 50 minute ride back home.

This weekend I want to explore U Street area, go to Ben's Chili bowl, Cake love, Howard University, and whatever places draw me in!!!!

i'll post picutres soon!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

cheers to the freakin weekend

This has been my first full week in DC, but let me recap my weekend:
Friday after work i walked from Metro Center to the house, it was great. I walked by the MLK Library, through Chinatown, heard two bands play on the street, went window shopping, found the National council for Negro Women, walked around the capitol, went to Kyoto Japanese restaurant and had tegadashi and sushi.

Saturday, i went to help Jaz move, met her neighbors, went to the bar she works at and got lots of free drinks, on the way to Jaz's apt. we met this guy who works for metro, he's super cute and loved my sarcasm and called me witty.

I'll finish up tomorrow