Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 1 in DC

Yesterday was my first full day in DC, and it has been nothing short of amazing.  I started my day walking to Union Station, then mapping out my route to the Dept.of State. The DoS is maybe a 7 min. walk to the Lincoln Memorial, so i meanderd down to see honest Abe before heading back towards George Washington University. I stopped to buy a few things at Whole Foods, then made my way back to the house.

Jaz is in law school at Howard, and we met up for dinner, at the sign whale, which turned into a walk around the Farrugut area of the triangle.  She bumped into a few associates, and we hung out with them for a while. These young men are the sons of politicians, senators, etc. so it was interesting talking to them about their live in DC, their career aspiriations, and the perks of having a well known parent.

I thought i knew how to get back to the house, but what took me 45 min going, took 1.5 returning.  All in all sore feet, great time spent with Jazz, and solid networking.

Today was my orientation, and it went by smoothly, until it was my turn to get my paperwork processed for my i.d. for some reason i always get in the line that is destined to take the longest amount of time. So after watching 5 other people zoom past me, i finally was on my way to find the office i'll be working in.

i have the perfect internship, i'm working on programs that focus on international students and their journey to a US higher education. i'm super excited about the opportunities that this internship will open up for me, and the work i'll be able to do while here in D.C.

working out is going to be easy, today i walked about 7 miles, and found some really neat (yea i said it) places in my area.

well that's all for now, i'm tired, but may go for another walk, to work off my food.  Oh my goal is to only consume 900 calories a day, and then work off as much as possible. i want to lose the 10lbs. i've gained back since leaving Japan.

Already these todays have been amazing, and i look forward to what great things are in store.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

wasting time

Its funny how time works. when you want it to move fast, it feels like its creeping. When you want it to slow down, somehow, it speeds past you. The other amazingly, wonderful thing about time is that even when you feel like life is at its bleekest, it keeps moving. It doesn't give you the luxury of  stagnation. It keeps going, one second, one tick, at a time. 

A few years ago i was so hurt. Wishing, hoping, and praying that time would rush by, and i would feel like me again. That my heart wouldn't hurt anymore, but time being its constitent self never rushed.

Now i couldn't feel better. in a week, i will be flying to DC to  start a 10 week internship, with the department of state. my life has been so much better than what i could dream up. i'm thankful to God for helping me realize that the sad season in my life was crucial to my growth. Looking back i feel so silly now, wishing i could just stay in my sad, pitiful moment. Its laughable to think about how much time i wasted on something that wasn't meant to be.

No more wasting time

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer 1

So much has happened this month so here's the recap:
    Moved in wtih five, thats right 5 other women (verdict is still out)
    I got an internship with the Dept. of State in DC, and our VP offered to cover my housing
    My uncle C passed away
    I'm a  writer for a new online magazine!!!
Just wanted to share a few major events that have occured this summer. i'll be back with more soon!!!