Tuesday, May 8, 2012

finally, first year

I just emailed my last paper for my first year of the Higher Ed. progam. I've already received 2  A's , i'm pretty sure i've got all A's again!!! So what's been new with me, recently my mom and i reconnected with old friends from Tulsa. It was great seeing everyone. Amazingly things just fell into place as if 12yrs.hadn't gone by.
haven't worked out in a little over a week, with finals, and everything me and the trainer have had crazy schedules. the 2nd annual UNT student portrait symposium, went exceptionally well. Glad its over!

This weekend marks 10yrs.since i graduated from high school. Our class reunion is on Saturday, i can't believe how fast time goes by.

Vegas is about 2 weeks away, i'm super excited!!!

well that's all for now,

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