Thursday, May 17, 2012

fidelity & forgiveness

so today i had a conversation with my brother, and a friend of his, about fidelity and forgiveness.

me: so would you forgive your wife if she cheated on you?
them: HECK NO
me: wth @#$%#@%^$#%W%^%%&$^*%*(%&$
them: you don't understand
me: clearly not, when people say for better or for worse, i understand what worse may include
them: let us explain
me: don't i'm done, i'll be sure to tell my daughters don't forgive their husbands bcs. it won't be reciprocated. i'm not getting married.

the end.

This topic is one that is clearly very difficult for me to understand, and accept. These men i spoke with are followers of Christ, and i could be wrong, but forgiveness, was a major sermon he preached. What angered me the most was that they didn't even think before they answered. it was a loud HECK TO THE NAW. i feel that women are too forgiving. We, for whatever reason, can forgive multiple times before it finally gets through our thick skulls, that we're being taken advantage of. some may call it long suffering, i call it dumb broads. if you think i'm going overboard ask your husbands, boyfriends, brothers, or guy friends the question and see how they respond.

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  1. What about the if a man were to hit his wife (or vice versa)? Is that domestic violence?
    It's a' worse' situation but is it on the same level as cheating? I mean people are still getting hurt not matter what the sin is. And no sin is worse than another, right? I guess it just depends on the situation and the people involved.


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