Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 1 of...

get it right get it tight. Today was my first day with my trainer Gene. I wasn't feeling well, and had a busy event, and my smart behind decided to wear heels today?! So my feet were already in so much pain. To top it off i had an event today that ran longer than what i expected, so i power walked home, with my aching feet, changed clothes, then dang near ran to my session, so i was already tired. Fast forward to after 45 gut busting minutes, where i thought i would hurl any second. i'm trying to walk home, that's right trying, becuase i have no clue what happened to my legs, i just know that it hurts to think about walking. 
My previous 7 minute walk, turned into a 15 min crawl home. when i got to the bottom of the stairs i just was pathetic.  i finally made it home, got straigt in the shower rolled into the bed, then called my mom who LOL'd at me the entire time.
here is my video...

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