Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

( i love that book) i think that's the best way to describe the week thus far. A student passed away on Monday, Tuesday 15 tornados touched down in my city, and surrounding areas; Wednesday a staff member that was doing great things for Black studentswas fired, and today we'll see what's in store.

Yesterday was interesting becasue i was reminded of the call on my life. my life's work is based around international  educational policy. i LOVE learning about other cultures, and while getting my hair braided i was overwhelmed with contentment, and i did nothing. i sat in a chair for 7 hours, and just took in everything and one around me. There were women of every hue, speaking 3 different languages (swahili, french, & english), and i felt like this is how a community is supposed to feel. i can't wait to see where my life goes, and how i will be impacted by the world, and hopefully impact those i'm around. i get soooo excited thinking of the places my passion will take me.

alot has happened, and i'm grateful for it all.

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