Wednesday, April 18, 2012


today was my third workout. my trainer had me doing circuit training. the thing about me is i will  whine, cuss, heck dang near cry, but i push  through.  Honestly was the best i felt after my workout.  here 's the vid:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

this weekend was super busy, super great
Friday I met up with a group of Divastating women for sisterhood week, for lunch, I love my DST. While there i was reminded of how much we can accomplish when we work toward the same goals, rid ourselves of petty discourse, and truly appreciate the awesomeness that is woman.
Saturday i went to Tulsa, for a concert, it was soo cool watching my brother minister to people. I also got to catch up with friends i hadn't seen in over 10years. Began building some great relationships, and learned a lot about

Day 2

for this mini-series i figured vlogging would be easier, so here it is:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 1 of...

get it right get it tight. Today was my first day with my trainer Gene. I wasn't feeling well, and had a busy event, and my smart behind decided to wear heels today?! So my feet were already in so much pain. To top it off i had an event today that ran longer than what i expected, so i power walked home, with my aching feet, changed clothes, then dang near ran to my session, so i was already tired. Fast forward to after 45 gut busting minutes, where i thought i would hurl any second. i'm trying to walk home, that's right trying, becuase i have no clue what happened to my legs, i just know that it hurts to think about walking. 
My previous 7 minute walk, turned into a 15 min crawl home. when i got to the bottom of the stairs i just was pathetic.  i finally made it home, got straigt in the shower rolled into the bed, then called my mom who LOL'd at me the entire time.
here is my video...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

( i love that book) i think that's the best way to describe the week thus far. A student passed away on Monday, Tuesday 15 tornados touched down in my city, and surrounding areas; Wednesday a staff member that was doing great things for Black studentswas fired, and today we'll see what's in store.

Yesterday was interesting becasue i was reminded of the call on my life. my life's work is based around international  educational policy. i LOVE learning about other cultures, and while getting my hair braided i was overwhelmed with contentment, and i did nothing. i sat in a chair for 7 hours, and just took in everything and one around me. There were women of every hue, speaking 3 different languages (swahili, french, & english), and i felt like this is how a community is supposed to feel. i can't wait to see where my life goes, and how i will be impacted by the world, and hopefully impact those i'm around. i get soooo excited thinking of the places my passion will take me.

alot has happened, and i'm grateful for it all.