Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black History Month

This was a letter my mom emailed to me today:

Good morning,

Today is. The first day of Black History Month. I wish that I had spent more time when you were younger to teach you about the rich heritage of people God selected you to be born into.

I was thinking this morning about the pain that many of our fore parents experienced in seeing their son and daughters mistreated and killed. But then I remembered that what Satan means for evil God turns into good.

While their lives were shorten here on earth, they we expedited into the presence of God. A place of peace, love, abundance, no more pain, just to name a few. If they could speak to us they would tell us they are in a FAR, FAR, FAR better place.

There is nothing here on earth to be compared. So thank you satan for sending so many of our forefathers on to a better place. No more crying, no more dying, no more hunger, and no more pain!
It is Time to really look at things in a different perspective.

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