Monday, January 2, 2012

na na na na hey hey hey good-bye

Good Bye 2011,  hello 2012Happy New year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last year was great, the first 6months i lived in Japan, snowboarded, scuba dived, climbed a mountain, lost 30 lbs., survived an earthquake and made some amazing friends. The last 6 months i started school, moved, strengthended my familial bonds, loved on my god babies, met some new people, totalled my car, paid off said car, met a convict (-_-), visited TN, bought a macbook pro, and got a 4.0.  All in all it was a GREAT YEAR!

Now i'm ready for an even better year! i'm not going to list all my resolutions, but i am determined to just enjoy being me, trusting that God's plans for my life are far better than anything i could conjure. Good bye to insecurities and people who are not moving forward or hindering my progress, trying even more new things, and seeing this amazing world!

This year's phrase:
Won't He do it

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