Saturday, January 7, 2012

i am not my hair

Hair, a woman's crowning glory. 4 months ago, i decided i wanted a change. my life was in shambles (ok a tad bit overdramatic) i was just in a car accident, and nothing was going right. so i decided to kick kinkiness to the curb, and relax my hair.  4months later, i've decided to grow it natural again. 

why,  you ask.  i miss my curly goodness. i'll be the first to admit natural hair is a lot more to manage, but i really enjoyed the look, and how it made me feel. so i'm going back to my roots (i need to find that tshirt).

i decided it would be easier if i just cut my hair, & maybe it would grow faster.  SN i'm rocking a short cut bob, and hoping for the best.

i'll keep you updated on length, trials and tribulations.

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