Sunday, November 27, 2011


so i've kind of updated my Nihon experiences, now for life back in the states.
i to back to TX on the 20th of August, my god-sons birthday was the next day, so it was time to be a great Nee-Nee. i love that kid.  a few days later i was on my way to THE BIG APPLE!!!!  We started out the trip almost getting robbed on a train headed to Brooklyn...aaaah nothing like fear to get the blood flowing. 
 Upon arrival to the hotel i noticed, that I didn't have my license.  Yes, i'd lost my license within 3 hours of being in New York.
 ON the upside NYC was/is AMAZING!!!! we walked around staten island, listened to jazz in Central Park, went to the Guggenheim, visited Lady Liberty, caught a movie in Manhattan...and the list goes on.

i had a blast!!! it was the best way to be welcomed back to the states!

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