Sunday, November 27, 2011


it's been 4 months, since my last blog.  i think i was just being lazy, and avoiding dealing with my new reality.

Japan was AMAZING!! my last month included mountain climbing, scuba diving, and a lot of tears.  So here are a few updates:
Basima is married with a baby on the way, while living in Thailand teaching English
Dani is in Holland pursing a graduate degree and being awesome Dani
Amanda is back in Canada, at teacher's college, and still being the life of the party
Brianna is still in Yachiyo, studying Korean, and loving Asia
idk about Jamie, but we weren't close anyway.

oh there's me. i'm back in Dallas/Denton, in graduate school pursuing a Masters in Higher Ed.  This is what i wanted, @least i thought i did.
  Part of me feels like, i led this amazingly great  life, where i actually did things i'd dreamed about, and now i'm just back in school. sigh...
more to come soon...maybe later today

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