Tuesday, November 29, 2011

grad school

Aug. 27th i began my new career: being a full time student, again.  the M.Ed. in Higher Ed is now my new boo. Yes, i'm in a committed relationship with the trinity: Student Demographics, Foundations of Studennt Development, and the History of Higher Ed.  Each of these gentlemen add depth, frustrations, and excitment to my life. my future looks bright.

I have 9 new playground friends. my cohort mates, and i are learning each other, and trying to figure out this grad school thing.  i'm the wise old sage of the group (LOL), i'm the oldest, but i'm enjoying the different perspectives, lifestyles, and life experiences.  i feel really blessed to be a part of this group.

The first semester is quickly coming to a close, and i'm looking forward to next semester's challenges.  this program is 2years, and oddly i feel that is a short amount of time.  i want to:
   Present at a conference
   Get published
   Have an internship outside of Tx
   Study abroad
   Become active in a graduate organization
   Go to 2 national  and 2 loca lconferences

I have the greatest boss for my graduate assistantship, but  more on that later...

~Oh i'm listnening to Christmas music!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Even though the quake didnt hit in my city, i am personally in bits and pieces. broken,


so i've kind of updated my Nihon experiences, now for life back in the states.
i to back to TX on the 20th of August, my god-sons birthday was the next day, so it was time to be a great Nee-Nee. i love that kid.  a few days later i was on my way to THE BIG APPLE!!!!  We started out the trip almost getting robbed on a train headed to Brooklyn...aaaah nothing like fear to get the blood flowing. 
 Upon arrival to the hotel i noticed, that I didn't have my license.  Yes, i'd lost my license within 3 hours of being in New York.
 ON the upside NYC was/is AMAZING!!!! we walked around staten island, listened to jazz in Central Park, went to the Guggenheim, visited Lady Liberty, caught a movie in Manhattan...and the list goes on.

i had a blast!!! it was the best way to be welcomed back to the states!


it's been 4 months, since my last blog.  i think i was just being lazy, and avoiding dealing with my new reality.

Japan was AMAZING!! my last month included mountain climbing, scuba diving, and a lot of tears.  So here are a few updates:
Basima is married with a baby on the way, while living in Thailand teaching English
Dani is in Holland pursing a graduate degree and being awesome Dani
Amanda is back in Canada, at teacher's college, and still being the life of the party
Brianna is still in Yachiyo, studying Korean, and loving Asia
idk about Jamie, but we weren't close anyway.

oh there's me. i'm back in Dallas/Denton, in graduate school pursuing a Masters in Higher Ed.  This is what i wanted, @least i thought i did.
  Part of me feels like, i led this amazingly great  life, where i actually did things i'd dreamed about, and now i'm just back in school. sigh...
more to come soon...maybe later today