Sunday, July 10, 2011

all or none

i'm black, can't change it, and wouldn't if i could.  That comes with dealing with a lot of things, from wanting to be accepted, changing who i was to be more accepted, and finally saying forget them i am what i am.  And that's where i am in my life, i am who i am, and i love it! 

i love my culture, my people, our struggles, our accomplishments.  no, that doesn't mean i don't think things can, and will get better, but i have truly come to accept who i am, all of it.  now that my eyes have been peeled open, i now also understand why my mother and grandmothers were so adamant about me learning to accept all of my blackness.  i also now understand why they used to warn me to be leery of people who only want pieces of me and not the whole package. 

on a recent trip i brought up that idea. My mother had preached this to me, but i dismissed it.

  When ones culture is widely accepted, i think it is a great way to promote cultural ideas, ideals, and history, but what happens when people only want a fraction of what a particular group has to offer.

example: music 
Music is amazing because it crosses so many boundaries, and racial divides.  Historically artist of color were allowed to play in some venues, that many of their fans/even family, could not enter.   My beef is people taking the style, and swag of what makes black music great, but easily ditching the rest of it.  To those people who say they love black music, but don't accept the artist, i say kick boulders with no shoes on.  Most music comes from an artists experience.  Those experiences, the words, feeling, that's what makes it wonderful.

don't take part of me, but discard the rest of me because you don't like the other parts.  Kindly put me back on my shelf, and let someone who wants and appreciates the whole package enjoy it. it was out of reach anyway

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