Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summa time

i <3 the summer.  I think its the greatest season, mainly because its accounts for 3 of the 4 seasons we're supposed to get in TX.  When i 1st moved to Nihon, i was soo annoyed when people kept asking me "Do you have all 4 seasons?" immediately my answer was a condescending YES.  like what the heck kind of question is that.  There are 4 seasons, not like we get an option, but being here, this is the first time i've truly experienced all 4 seasons.
Usually when i'm home, i have the luxury of leaving my air conditioned house, jumping in my air conditined car, and working in a very air conditioned building. And in those conditions dealing with the summer heat is easy.  Being here, i've decided to protest against summer.  This is utterly ridiculous, its insane. Who in their right mind would willingly wake up in an un-air conditioned house, walk in the draining heat, to work, where, you are greated by an even hotter building.  There's a saying in Japan, Schools are always the coldest and the hottest, and that is the extreme truth.

Dear Summer, please go away. (Winter, that doesn't mean you're welcomed either.)

Nu Year
Nu you

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