Wednesday, June 1, 2011

getting to the root...

While sitting in my Japanese class today, i began wondering why i had no interest in learning the language. i then began to think of other languages that i might be remotely interested in learning, and drew a blank.

The reason, i have no cultural ties to any of the languages i thought i was interested in learning. before moving to Japan, i didn't rush out to buy the latest One Piece manga, or dust off my old college Japanese books. Yes, i'd always been interested in 'visiting' Japan, but honestly in my original plan, i did not live here. Am i grateful for the experience, yes. Do i respect the culture, language, and traditions, yes. But these things are not tied to me.

Many scholars on African American History and culture, have theorized that blacks in America, are far removed from their 'roots', and this disassociation has led to cultural confusion. Why? Almost all immigrants to America, can trace their roots, history, lineage to another country. They have their own languages and traditions that are associated with their country of origin (or family country of origin)

Very few groups, look down their family line, and hit a dead end, but this is the reality for most Black Americans. my knowledge of my family history stops at my great grandmother. Can you imagine how much i'm missing out on.

i've always been interested in my family roots, i was the grandchild that spent summers with my grandmother and great aunts asking questions, and begging for more stories. And this is precisely what i have decided venture further into. MY FAMILY. no we don't have a language that i can claim to be ours, but we are connected.

i know this journey will take a long time, and i look forward to unveiling my roots.

one day at a time

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