Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today was the VMAJ Awards!!! the red carpet event celeb walk started @ 2:30, we got there about 1:15, which was great timing. So who waltzes into a red carpet expose event without a ticket, invite, or wristband? you dang right...ME.  The other girl i went with was scared pissless, bwhahahaha.

i don't consider myself an adventurous person, but if there's one thing my friends know i'll do, is walk into an event without being invited/paying/or having a ticket.  i get such a rush from this, i don't like rollercoasters, but i'll walk into a place like i own it in a minute.

There were lots of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese artist.  There were quite a few people there, so the very presence of celebrities brings out the crazies, especially obsessed girls.  There were girls screaming, crying, barely able to stand up...ridiculous.

Here are  few names of the Red Carpet Celebs:

i wish i could tell you more, but after a while, well 10min. i was soo over the screaming, pushing fans. So i put in my headphones, jammed C.Breezy, danced to the music, and watched the spectacle.  H&M was there selling fundraiser t-shirts, scarves, and hair accessories.

all in all great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Check out the pics

nu year, nu you

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