Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today was the VMAJ Awards!!! the red carpet event celeb walk started @ 2:30, we got there about 1:15, which was great timing. So who waltzes into a red carpet expose event without a ticket, invite, or wristband? you dang right...ME.  The other girl i went with was scared pissless, bwhahahaha.

i don't consider myself an adventurous person, but if there's one thing my friends know i'll do, is walk into an event without being invited/paying/or having a ticket.  i get such a rush from this, i don't like rollercoasters, but i'll walk into a place like i own it in a minute.

There were lots of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese artist.  There were quite a few people there, so the very presence of celebrities brings out the crazies, especially obsessed girls.  There were girls screaming, crying, barely able to stand up...ridiculous.

Here are  few names of the Red Carpet Celebs:

i wish i could tell you more, but after a while, well 10min. i was soo over the screaming, pushing fans. So i put in my headphones, jammed C.Breezy, danced to the music, and watched the spectacle.  H&M was there selling fundraiser t-shirts, scarves, and hair accessories.

all in all great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Check out the pics

nu year, nu you

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summa time

i <3 the summer.  I think its the greatest season, mainly because its accounts for 3 of the 4 seasons we're supposed to get in TX.  When i 1st moved to Nihon, i was soo annoyed when people kept asking me "Do you have all 4 seasons?" immediately my answer was a condescending YES.  like what the heck kind of question is that.  There are 4 seasons, not like we get an option, but being here, this is the first time i've truly experienced all 4 seasons.
Usually when i'm home, i have the luxury of leaving my air conditioned house, jumping in my air conditined car, and working in a very air conditioned building. And in those conditions dealing with the summer heat is easy.  Being here, i've decided to protest against summer.  This is utterly ridiculous, its insane. Who in their right mind would willingly wake up in an un-air conditioned house, walk in the draining heat, to work, where, you are greated by an even hotter building.  There's a saying in Japan, Schools are always the coldest and the hottest, and that is the extreme truth.

Dear Summer, please go away. (Winter, that doesn't mean you're welcomed either.)

Nu Year
Nu you

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All the single ladies

If i  have to read one more blog, book, or fb post about the sad life of single black women, i swear i'll scream. in fact AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! whew that felt good.

There are some things in life one cannot avoid, and having patience is one of those awful things that we must endure. As a child you must wait for your birthday and Christmas.  As a teenager you must wait to date and drive.  And as an adult i am waiting for my frog/prince to hop along, and rescyou me from my humdrum, pathetic life.  Well atleast reading anything about being single will lead you to believe this. 

 idk if its a new trend, or the fact that i'm tre years from 30, but all of a sudden there seems to be a lot more focus for the 'not as pretty', but equally educated and successful black women, to get married.
Do i have friends who are successful, sexy, single, and who happen to be black.  Yes, But i also have successful, sexy, friends of every other racial background who share in this singleness.  Oddly enough they don't seem to be too pressed to get a ball and chain around their ankles. So why all the pressure for us? 

Yes, i think building healthy relationships are important, but on my list, getting married @ 27, having kids @ 28, and being miserable @ 29 are not my top priorities.  i have goals, dreams  and ambitions, and i intend to make the most of my singleness.  i plan on enjoying the fact that i can get up, hop on a plane to Fiji, and not have to find a babysitter, or check with my hubby's schedule.

Most of my married friends/mentors, encourage me to take my time; to enjoy my selfish  time, bcs. in due season, my prince will come, and long gone will be the days of impromptu trips.

so to all my single ladies, enjoy it. Hell we're in our late 20's not @ death's door.

nu year nu you

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the time Traveller's wife

This summer is the summer of travel! Even though i live in Japan, i haven't really travelled much. I'm kicking my summer off with a trip to Osaka. i'll spend a full day @ Universal Studios Japan. Next i'm hitting up Okinawa, for fun in the sand. Then i'm home,Dallas, TX (benz and lexus), but only for a few dayz bcz. next is NYC. this is my 1st trip to the Big Apple, so i want to make a solid impression. i'm ending my summer in Nashville, TN!!!

i've been packing up, and throwing things away. i'm ready to get on with things; then i feel like i'll miss ol Nihon. bittersweet

nu year nu yu!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

getting to the root...

While sitting in my Japanese class today, i began wondering why i had no interest in learning the language. i then began to think of other languages that i might be remotely interested in learning, and drew a blank.

The reason, i have no cultural ties to any of the languages i thought i was interested in learning. before moving to Japan, i didn't rush out to buy the latest One Piece manga, or dust off my old college Japanese books. Yes, i'd always been interested in 'visiting' Japan, but honestly in my original plan, i did not live here. Am i grateful for the experience, yes. Do i respect the culture, language, and traditions, yes. But these things are not tied to me.

Many scholars on African American History and culture, have theorized that blacks in America, are far removed from their 'roots', and this disassociation has led to cultural confusion. Why? Almost all immigrants to America, can trace their roots, history, lineage to another country. They have their own languages and traditions that are associated with their country of origin (or family country of origin)

Very few groups, look down their family line, and hit a dead end, but this is the reality for most Black Americans. my knowledge of my family history stops at my great grandmother. Can you imagine how much i'm missing out on.

i've always been interested in my family roots, i was the grandchild that spent summers with my grandmother and great aunts asking questions, and begging for more stories. And this is precisely what i have decided venture further into. MY FAMILY. no we don't have a language that i can claim to be ours, but we are connected.

i know this journey will take a long time, and i look forward to unveiling my roots.

one day at a time