Saturday, May 28, 2011

forward movement

i might just be the worlds worse blogger. so yea what's new with me. Only a little over a month and a half left in Japan, and honestly i'm really excited. i feel like i came here with no expectations, which allowed me to be open to everything (good and bad).

i'm working on a book about my experiences here. i think this book will be a fresh look at what its like living abroad for people of color. i'm researching other books that fall along the same line, but i haven't found many. i think part of it is because not many black Americans live abroad. Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few, but outside the military, i haven't met many black americans LIVING here.

i decided to really/seriously write the book after i read 4pgs. of "eat pray love" i felt that if this 30+ year old lady can write about being eating, and praying, while being celibate, and people flock to read this, that i've got to have a shot. Especially bcs. my stories are coming from a completely different outlook.

how does the world look to a 20something black girl from TX? well you'll find out.

i want to cont. living in other countries, so i can get a wider understanding and exposure to the world. so world...bring it on

peace 7 love

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