Friday, April 8, 2011


so tomorrow, i'll hop on a plane, and head back to Japan. i have mixed feelings about my return. on the one hand, i miss the girls, and can't wait to stack some cash; on the other, the concerns of my friends/family is weighing a ton, i don't want to deal with my crappy boss, and there was another eq yesterday. Plus, i really don't want to be back in the triple-D yet. I've listened to everyone's thoughts/concerns/suggestions. i've contacted the U.S. Embassy, the JET program, and the other ALT's there. @ first i was confident in my decision. i prayed for guidance, and felt a peace; until the 2nd quake hit, and put me right back on March 11. am i concerned for my safety? YES. do i feel that if i return i will be in any grave danger? NO and its only 3more months. 3 more months of kids and krazies. uuuggggghhh. this whole process has been stressful and both physically adn emotionally draining. well gotta fly.... new year, new me

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  1. man, i thank God you are safe, porche ... seriously. i'm praying for you ... praying that you maintain the peace that God has given to us all who believe ... all will be well!


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