Sunday, March 27, 2011

wait, wait, wait...

Waiting...not my favorite thing to do. i know this is something that is crucial to not only my walk with Christ, but to life in general. The problem is, God's time is nowhere near something that i can comprehend.
There are things, that i want/things i feel like i need, and i've prayed about now i must wait. SWEET BABY JESUS HOW AM i SUPPOSED TO DO THAT.

trying to do this, but this is straining, frustrating, and gut wrenching.

new year new you

Friday, March 11, 2011

shaken up

so a massive earthquake hit Japan today. as i'm writing, we are still experiencing aftershocks. since living here i've experienced a few earthquakes, but nothing like this. This afternoon, was pure pandemoneum, as students were screaming, crying, clinging, and running.

At first, i wasn't concerned, but after watching the news (while @ school) i realized how serious this was. a pipe line for the swimming pool busted, and water gushed into the courtyard. In they gym, lights fell from the ceiling, as well as the very frame of the gym, was warped. The san nenseis had just practiced for graduation, there this morning. Now we are not sure where the ceremony will be held.

At other schools, news of multiple broken windows, students injured by falling debris, were just a few signs of the magnitude of this event.

Tsunami's over 10meters(32.8 ft.), were reported. i live in Chiba prefecture and on the coast we are exptected to get tsunami waves as high as 4m (13.1ft.) high.

please keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.
thank you