Sunday, February 13, 2011

new school

so my new school is smaller. i went from 19 total classes to 9. The students here are from lower income homes, but i've found that overall they're just as sweet.
My ninth graders are golden, yes i have few who have no interest in learning English, but for the majority, they all study hard, and do their best.
My 8th graders, not angels, but it could be far worse. my 7th graders, are cute, i have a few attention seekers, but usually a stern warning, and a strong voice calms them down.

i like this school, the smaller class rooms, and fewer classes, really make a difference, in how i can interact with the students.

my commute has tripled, but i cant complain too much, i've lost even more weight, and will be changing school mid-March.

All in all good start to the year, minus the horrific weather, anyone who knows me knows i HATE the cold, so keeping a smile on my face has been a little more difficult.

new year new u!

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