Wednesday, January 19, 2011

new year, good-bye

slacking is not even the word to describe how i've treated my blogging. so i made it to 6mos. and honestly, i'm worn out. living abroad is fun, but if you're close to your family it takes a toll on you. i went home early for Christmas, bcs. my mom was in the hospital. that was my biggest fear in moving here, that something would happen to my family, and i wouldn't be able to get to them.
and its for that reason, that i've decided to not recontract for a 2nd term.

i think you really have to be in love with a place to move there long-term, or really hate your alternative options, and as i have experience neither, i feel that its time to move on.

i believe, i was here to learn more about myself, the world, meet new people, and figure out where my life is headed. and i've accomplished all that and more.

i 've been writing everything in a journal, and will update the blog with those entries.

next on my list of things to conquer, yes i said conquer, is grad school. i have a renewed energy, and zeal for my education, and Japan, had a lot to do with that.

moving forward!