Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween Nihon style...

Went out last night to celebrate an associates birthday. Started out the evening at a magnificent restaurant called Rigoletto, i loved everything, its an upscale hot spot in Roppongi Hills, located in the Mori Tower.

After dinner, we wandered in Roppongi, in the mood to dance. halloween, in my opinion, is the perfect time for people to go completely wild, and feel like their behavior will be excused.

anywho, i was dressed pretty darn cute, if i say so myself, and i realized that i do not like alot of attention. Men kept staring at me, often approaching me and i felt strangely uncomfortable. After dancing the night away, went to an amazing pizza parlour, and a group of older European men would not stop gawking at me. it got so bad we ended up moving tables just to avoid their wandering eyes. Well, they finished their early morning snack, and while walking out continued to stare, and one guy even winked at me. Now, i guess some women find this experience ejoyable, i felt totally violated. I had on a turtleneck, a skirt and black tights, so there was no skin exposed. it totally gave me the heeby jeeby's.

anywho all in all great fun!!!

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