Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Go big Blue!

So i know i've been slacking on the blogging, but things have slowed down . a bit. Every year all the junior high schools have field day. The school divides the students into 3 groups A-Bun-dan, B-bun-dan, and C-bundan (bun-dan means group/party). This year i was on the ABun team, go big blue!!!

They take this very seriously, and have lovingly named it The Kayalympics (my schools name is Kayada). Well due to rain, i missed the Kayalympics, but was informed today that my team gave me major shout-outs. They said, "We have a new American supporter, Porshe. She is strong, nice, and has a beautiful smile!!!"

That was the highlight of my day!!!! i <3 my school!!!! i feel sooo uber blessed

Let's get it

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