Saturday, September 18, 2010

Schools in session

So i've been in school for almost 3 weeks. I was going to post the first day, but i felt i needed to get an accurate feel for my school. how do i sum this up...

whoever said Japanese kids were soo well behaved, NEVER worked @ a junior high school. I'm convinced all junior high kids come from some dark place LOL. When the teachers are scared of the kids, there's a major problem. Now i didnt say I was scared of them, but other teachers. I think they know not to act crazy with the scary blaque lady...bwhahahah.

Its not all bad, the 7th graders are the GREATEST!!! idk what it happens over the summers, but right now, thats the only group i'll eat lunch with. They're my happy place lol.

kids are kids.


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