Monday, September 20, 2010


i love sports. i mean hard hitting, gut wrenching, action 'til the last second sports!! and SUMO wrestling has provided all of that, and more. I went to my first SUMO tournament on the 19th, and it was the greatest!!!

When we got to the Ryokogu Sumo stadium, all the cheap tickets were sold out. Well after riding a train for over an hour, we decided, we'd pay the 50+ bucks, and enjoy our day. so we bought our tickets; since we had time, we decided to walk around the area and get something to eat.

On our way, we spotted 2 SUMO wresters!!! i was sooo excited i had to ask for pictures, and they obliged.

With full stomachs we headed back to the arena, and settled in for what i thought would be a boring event. Much to my surprise it was anything but boring. The grand entrance of the SUMOs is exciting to watch, with their colorful outfits, the crowd screaming their favorite contendor's name, and the announcer egging them on.

By the end of the first set of wrestling, i was all in. i began shouting for the fighter with the most colorful ensemble. i didnt care that noone else was yelling, i figured this is a contact sport, save the whispering for the golf course. After a little while the couple below, began shouting for their favorite fighter, and the man in front of them followed suit. i thought, YES, now this is how you enjoy a sporting match.

it was amazing, if you get the chance to catch a match sit back and enjoy. i can't wait to go back!!!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Schools in session

So i've been in school for almost 3 weeks. I was going to post the first day, but i felt i needed to get an accurate feel for my school. how do i sum this up...

whoever said Japanese kids were soo well behaved, NEVER worked @ a junior high school. I'm convinced all junior high kids come from some dark place LOL. When the teachers are scared of the kids, there's a major problem. Now i didnt say I was scared of them, but other teachers. I think they know not to act crazy with the scary blaque lady...bwhahahah.

Its not all bad, the 7th graders are the GREATEST!!! idk what it happens over the summers, but right now, thats the only group i'll eat lunch with. They're my happy place lol.

kids are kids.