Thursday, August 12, 2010


My new hobby is running!! i've surprised myself actually. i used to say i was allergic to running, but now i'm drawn to it. Running has provided a couple of things for me:

1. the great outdoors - i MISS being outside. Not in the lets go for a nature walk idea of being outside, but in the "i've GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE" state of mind. see i've been avoiding going outside for a few reasons. the heat, and the stares. Man i never knew how ANNOYING being stared at constantly is. i mean cars stopping in the middle of the street, people losing control of their bikes, annoying as h3ll staring. So i run outside, at night, i know my mother is having a fit, but yes i run @night, not late night, but a little after dusk. Just to avoid the ever watching eyes.

2. fitness, if nothing else being here makes you feel extremely OBESE. Even in visiting stores like the gap, you think man where have i gone wrong in my life, where i'm bigger than a size 6. Japan provides the perfect element to get off your buns, and get physically fit. this week alone i've walked 13/14 miles, not because i'm that dedicated, but walking/biking is your primary mode of transportation. So after a long day of walking, i figure might as well kick it up a notch, and go for an evening run, heck i'm already sweaty.

So these are the top 2 reasons i've taken up running. we'll see how this works in the Winter...until then


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