Monday, August 16, 2010

back to reality...well almost

So my time as a vacationer is winding down. School starts Sept. 1, and with it my new profession as a teacher. so yea, i'm nervous and excited, really i just want to get going. Today i practiced my speech. i have to give a speech (in Japanese) to the teachers, students, principals, etc. Now usually i enjoy speeches, but i've never given one in Japanese, so that changes everything.

i've also been working on my introduction poster, so that's been fun.
The picture is of the United Nations University in Tokyo!
Let's Get It!!


  1. :) i am so happy for you!!! i miss you so much, porshe. continue to press forward.

  2. You'll do great. You were a natural in debate. You're commanding presence and beautiful voice will smooth over any issues you might have with the language. Miss you girl.


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