Thursday, August 19, 2010

McDonalds...tastes just like...well better than home

Ok so yea i broke down and ate McDonald's. i'm not saying i'm proud of it, but the neon lights were so beckoning. Well i started out going to eat a salmon rice ball, but they were out, so i decided to walk to the grocery store. Well McDonald's is conveniently located inside the store...
Excuses, excuses, i wanted McDonald's so i got it. But i biked 4 miles right after This will not be a habitual thing, i promise.
Let's Get It!

Monday, August 16, 2010

back to reality...well almost

So my time as a vacationer is winding down. School starts Sept. 1, and with it my new profession as a teacher. so yea, i'm nervous and excited, really i just want to get going. Today i practiced my speech. i have to give a speech (in Japanese) to the teachers, students, principals, etc. Now usually i enjoy speeches, but i've never given one in Japanese, so that changes everything.

i've also been working on my introduction poster, so that's been fun.
The picture is of the United Nations University in Tokyo!
Let's Get It!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My new hobby is running!! i've surprised myself actually. i used to say i was allergic to running, but now i'm drawn to it. Running has provided a couple of things for me:

1. the great outdoors - i MISS being outside. Not in the lets go for a nature walk idea of being outside, but in the "i've GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE" state of mind. see i've been avoiding going outside for a few reasons. the heat, and the stares. Man i never knew how ANNOYING being stared at constantly is. i mean cars stopping in the middle of the street, people losing control of their bikes, annoying as h3ll staring. So i run outside, at night, i know my mother is having a fit, but yes i run @night, not late night, but a little after dusk. Just to avoid the ever watching eyes.

2. fitness, if nothing else being here makes you feel extremely OBESE. Even in visiting stores like the gap, you think man where have i gone wrong in my life, where i'm bigger than a size 6. Japan provides the perfect element to get off your buns, and get physically fit. this week alone i've walked 13/14 miles, not because i'm that dedicated, but walking/biking is your primary mode of transportation. So after a long day of walking, i figure might as well kick it up a notch, and go for an evening run, heck i'm already sweaty.

So these are the top 2 reasons i've taken up running. we'll see how this works in the Winter...until then


Thursday, August 5, 2010

lesson learned

Today started out somber and reflective. Went to a memorial ceremony for Hiroshima. There were pictures there, and it really hit me that everyone, every cultural group, religious group, ethnic group, has experienced pain at the hands of others. Yes, i know its kind of a duh moment, but honestly i've never been really concerned about how other groups have suffered. Unfortunately, its human nature to focus on your pain, your hurt. We (humans) so often only take on a victim attitude, like only I (or my group) have truly suffered. Or our suffering is greater than yours. Looking at the pictures, seeing the faces of people who were directly affected by this tragedy, opened my eyes.

I've learned so much from being here already!