Friday, July 16, 2010

what a wonderful world...

so this morning after a wonderful breakfast, the group headed to the Suhara Glass company where we all got to make our own hand crafted piece. You really respect the artist, because they are handling molten glass. the neatest part, yes i said neatest, was watching them cut out piece of glass you would mold.

Second amazing thing we did was have lunch at a sea side hotel; then i took a stroll on the beach. Then we went to Sea World, and enjoyed dolphins, killer whales, and all other types of sea life.

We drove through the mountains for hours. It was this experience that brought me to tears. GOD IS AMAZING!!! after viewing that how could you say that all of that splendor just happened. breathtaking, magnificent, beautiful none of these words can really describe what i saw today.

Last thing we did, was have dinner in the middle of the Pacific ocean. We could see Mt. Fuji, from where we were...

Amazing day, Thank you GOD for everything you created, and thank you for being such a loving GOD that you even think about me. Ps. 8:4


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