Wednesday, July 14, 2010

today, yes today

i've eaten four course meals for the past 3 days!!! i don't know how anyone can eat so much on a regular basis. Today we met with the City of Yachiyo delegates, and city officials, it was great, everyone has been uber polite, and have shown such kindness. Tonight is our dinner wiith council members, i'm excited.

oh i dropped my camera in the toliet LOL...glad i uploaded pictures!


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  1. that is beautiful! you are being blessed , abundantly! abundantly! so Godly!

    i am soooooo excited to read more of your posts! :) sooo thankful you've made it safely!!!

    i cannot believe you dropped your camera in the toilet!!! ... my gooooodness. lolol.

    anyhow, eat good for me!!! :) can't wait to see photos!


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