Friday, July 30, 2010


So my grandmother is in the hospital, and the doctors don't think that she will make it. As sad as I am, I feel peace, a calmness i cant describe. God i thank you for peace that goes beyond anything and everything i understand.

my grandmother is a strong woman of faith. She loves her some Jesus! Even though i will miss her, i know she will be at peace.

let's get it

Thursday, July 29, 2010

decisions, decisions...

OK so i've been in Japan since the 13th, moved in my apt. on the 20th, today is the 29th, so 9 days officially on my own. Its been amazing i love where i am physcially, emotionally, and spiritually. Being here feels so fesh, so clean, i know its corny, but really its like being here is good for me.

ive been working with students, at a variety of schools prepping the kids for speech competition in September. The kids are the cutest, and so polite! i feel like i'll learn so much here.

All in all one of the greatest decisions ive ever made! my first time out of the country and i move to Japan...yea go hard or go home lol!

well that's all folks (for now)


Friday, July 16, 2010

what a wonderful world...

so this morning after a wonderful breakfast, the group headed to the Suhara Glass company where we all got to make our own hand crafted piece. You really respect the artist, because they are handling molten glass. the neatest part, yes i said neatest, was watching them cut out piece of glass you would mold.

Second amazing thing we did was have lunch at a sea side hotel; then i took a stroll on the beach. Then we went to Sea World, and enjoyed dolphins, killer whales, and all other types of sea life.

We drove through the mountains for hours. It was this experience that brought me to tears. GOD IS AMAZING!!! after viewing that how could you say that all of that splendor just happened. breathtaking, magnificent, beautiful none of these words can really describe what i saw today.

Last thing we did, was have dinner in the middle of the Pacific ocean. We could see Mt. Fuji, from where we were...

Amazing day, Thank you GOD for everything you created, and thank you for being such a loving GOD that you even think about me. Ps. 8:4


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

today, yes today

i've eaten four course meals for the past 3 days!!! i don't know how anyone can eat so much on a regular basis. Today we met with the City of Yachiyo delegates, and city officials, it was great, everyone has been uber polite, and have shown such kindness. Tonight is our dinner wiith council members, i'm excited.

oh i dropped my camera in the toliet LOL...glad i uploaded pictures!


Day 2...awsome!

Trip highlights:

The first Japanese man i met, immediately started ripping on other members of the welcome committee
The budhist temple, (where my bag and lip chap was purchased)
The Tokyo Tower
viewing the Habbo-en garden
Visiting Ginza mall

Tomorrow we go to Yachiyo, visit the city council, have lunch with the mayor; then a formal dinner.

The Davis family, has adopted me as their own. I've already been invited to stay at their house, have a meal, and just be with them. They are a wonderful group of people, and I'm soo happy we met.

Well about to turn in

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13th

Today is my first day in Japan!! I left @ 10:10 am on July 12th and arrived @ 1:15 July 13th. My flight was cool moving at 500mph felt amazing. for a 12 hour flight it went by rather quickly. Watched 5 movies(not in any particular order):
Our Song
Diary of a Whimpy Kid
A night with Orsen Wells
How to train your Dragon
Leap Year

so between watching all these movies, and eating 3 different meals, i'm sure i gained like 3lbs.

After landing it was on to customs, then a 45 min ride to our hotel. The ride was amazing!!! saw several rice fields, traditional Japanese houses, Tokyo Disney, and the list goes on.

Its 7:50, and we just finished dinner, i'm exhausted, can barely keep my eyes open