Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Emotions...make you...

The day started out kind of rough, but i thought about God's gift, God's goodness, and God's grace; it hit me, this stuff is sooo temporary, so i'm over it!!!

Ok so I haven't really been writing about any music so here's my inaugural music blog.

J.P. Morgan' s Emotion, has been a breath of mountain air, clean, refreshing, and takes your breath away. To say its amazing is like saying God is just good, good ain't good enough. This cd makes me want to fall in love, I want to experience whatever it is that this man felt when he wrote these songs. The musicians and background vocals, are phenom, to say the least. The c.d. is cutting edge, and classic all in one. my fave is Good Days/Bad Days, i can listen to that song on repeat for hours, well at least while driving from Dallas to Houston. overall LOVE< LOVE< LOVES IT!!!

His new cd drops today, going to get my copy of Walk Alone

Let's Get It!

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